@me I don't want to spoil your party, but that is not how Jesus works.

@mike Actually, on reflection I think I should give you a more serious answer.

This painting is saying precisely that! I'm always confused by the close juxtaposition of being a warmonger AND a pious Christian in medieval (and later) culture. If Jesus was so keen on war, wouldn't he look more like this?


@me @mike A modern example would be the stained glass windows of the Strategic Air Command Memorial Chapel at Offut airbase (a USA airbase), detailed in this thread by an anthropologist who studies nuclear weapons culture:


Whether it's from Constantine or SAC, it's primarily about the military advantages of combining religion and war.

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@me @mike
arrg. I meant to introduce my comment by saying that while directly putting Jesus warlike dress is rare (but definitely occurs in evangelical and LDS art), there is plenty of war imagery in Christian art in general.

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@mike Oops. My apologies. I guess if you follow NuclearAnthro on twitter you'll be able to see them.

@mike The thread is about stained glass windows in a chapel on a USA military base, which uses official imagery of units responsible for use of nuclear weapons in the event of nuclear war - nuclear-armed bombers, missles, etc.

Although it doesn't directly feature Jesus, it is otherwise a real-life example of an artistic mix of war imagery and christian religion, which differs from John's art in that it is serious *advocacy*, whereas John's is meant as criticism.

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