@taralehning I like how you've gone for an unusual pose here. I'm not sure it's possible, but maybe?

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@Akki I'll give you £15. Remind me when you have the frame,

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Reynardine! You look...different

‘Fieschi Psalter’, Cambrai ca. 1290-1295.

Baltimore, The Walters Art Museum, Walters Manuscript W.45, fol. 256v

Source: discardingimages.tumblr.com

#mastoart #creativetoot #dragon #medieval #art

@gay_ornithischians being on a big active instance fills up the federated timeline very quickly. So if you were on Mastodon.social it would have been like Twitter.

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Campus critters this morning: purple swamphen chick, australasian darter, a flock of corellas and a sleepy brushtail possum.

#photo #AustralianWildlife #nature

Okay one more for today, Jessica Rosenkrantz, maker of biophilic things (also inactive for a while, but who knows): mastodon.social/@nervous_jessi

If anybody else have any suggestions, please share.

Glendon Mellow is here too (maybe some follow notifications will get him active again): mastodon.social/@FlyingTrilobi

A good place to look for people relevant to our interests is Scholar.social: scholar.social/public

(They don't have a public directory, unfortunately, but they do let you see the most recent activity, which I've linked to.)

I'm going to do my best to suggest people to follow on the Fediverse to get the Federated timeline hoppin'. To be honest, this something I'm struggling with as well, because there is no universal search function.

Here's my first suggestion, a behavioural ecologist: mamot.fr/@fxdm

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