marine life seal statue, route 16, rapid city, south dakota, 1987

also experimented with the scaling of the trike. maybe made things harder for myself by making the scales too small?

Adventure chicken returning from her daily trek into the spooky woods and getting scolded by grumpy duck as she pops back through the fence. Ducky is jealous because he can’t fly. Adventure chicken is at least 12 yrs old.

european: haha those wacky americans. always working. take a break! it's good for you

american: don't call the ambulance. i can't afford it

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My professional Birdsite account only follows LilNasX at the moment.

friends today i saw this large moth or butterfly in the door. this is an apartment building and i'm not sure it can survive here, do you think i should try and move it?

got the j&j today. came down with a fever but i think it's subsiding

No one:

Absolutely no one:

My shower thoughts: why aren’t whales buttholes on their backs?

mother goose market, horizontal view, route 476, hazard, kentucky, 1979

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