I haven't posted in a long time. They're swarming some sweet pepper tops.

Iggy Army progress so far. Lightest green one done. Others are riffs on old paint jons over the years.

Roombox finished after 6 weeks...
Video with some of the build and some video of the inside

it's suppose to be the inside of Elliott's beachside shack/cabin thing.

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pet cannibalism / giant millipedes 

Well, Velcro my beloved a. gigas has passed away... How do I know? I noticed all the other millipedes clustered madly like they do when eating cucumber... Velcro is not a cucumber. And it must have happened recently because the legs, that are fragile and fall off quickly when dead, were still on a broken off segment I saw. Somehow that made me feel worse than usual but probably because Velcro was the only one with red legs. RIP Velcro.

Sorry I forgot about this place again.

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So it's about a week post-vaccination, occasionally a bit itchy at injection site still and a bit of a mottled appearance at the site.
And I got slapped with self-isolation order yesterday late afternoon. From my one day out in the last two weeks. I can only assume from the centre itself or maybe train going to/from. Such bullshit. Negative lat.flow and no symptoms, can't leave til Monday but husband can.

So apparently this is "Moderna Arm" and it's annoying. Growing circle of hot, swollen, painful and sometimes itchy angrypatch on my arm where second jab went. This is day two so far.

Fully vaxxed but injection site is *angry* :(

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dinosaur head detail, rainbow falls golf, myrtle beach, south carolina, 1988

Just listed a clear shadow person peeking into a kitchen window on Etsy and a certain childhood nostalgia worm on a trash can too. etsy.com/uk/shop/Akkikins

@jasper meteorite pic for you. Seemed to be vac packed for freshness tho I don't know why the foil plinth...

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Just popping in to add a little bit of the Cretaceous to your #JurassicJune. Velociraptor learns why dancing in front of a Gobiconodon den is not a great idea.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #velociraptor #dinosaur #paleoart #gobiconodon

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