Just listed a clear shadow person peeking into a kitchen window on Etsy and a certain childhood nostalgia worm on a trash can too. etsy.com/uk/shop/Akkikins

@jasper meteorite pic for you. Seemed to be vac packed for freshness tho I don't know why the foil plinth...

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Just popping in to add a little bit of the Cretaceous to your #JurassicJune. Velociraptor learns why dancing in front of a Gobiconodon den is not a great idea.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #velociraptor #dinosaur #paleoart #gobiconodon

Interesting colouration variation in the millipedes. One has gotten quite nice black colouring compared to the reddish brown ones.

parts of dead millipedes 

had to clip sections off of two more millipedes today and one was a small one and had a small segment around it so a smaller millipede must have passed away at some point too :/

Listened to a podcast I used to be part of... past-me was way more confident. Self-esteem, I miss you. Please, come back. Maybe things were less... dangerous in 2012...

Pet death, giant millipedes 

SO Fun fact, I realised this poor sod was stuck in that section so I had to use wire cutters to snip a small section off the piece and pry it open so it could back out and be free. eeshh...

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This came out pretty good. It's a Dumeril's Salamander.

Went out for the first time in half a year. To the zoo. Saw cute things.

Pet death, giant millipedes 

Lööp has passed away finally. Her and Velcro's babies will live on. And maybe literally through her body in some cases 😬😬

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Feeling like crap so I blocked out the feels with hours upon hours of graveyard keeper to the point of physical detriment. Didn't drink enough coffee, so got withdrawal lightheadedness. Today feels like struggles. Or height of struggles.

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